Pick Fuel is a new energy division of Africa, a worldwide company specializing in energy resources of all types. By establishing Pick Fuel, buyers and direct fuel suppliers can be brought together in order to reduce fuel costs and instability in the market, by forming long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

Wholesale buyers need to have a dependable source of Pick Fuel products, as well as a link to Pick Fuel distributors that allows them to purchase their fuel at competitive rates.
By linking Pick Fuel buyers with suppliers, can ensure that both price and availability will be acceptable to buyers and sellers alike. Pick Fuel offers wholesale competitive prices, with the exact discount depending on current market conditions.


Furthermore, by working with certified Pick Fuel suppliers, those needing to buy fuel can be assured of high quality and dependable service from Pick Fuel distributors.
Pick Fuel can work very quickly with clients, with contracts being closed in from one to seven days’ time. Once the contract is closed, fuel delivery will occur within 24 hours on a worldwide basis. This is especially useful for Pick Fuel buyers that service a large number of clients and so require fuel deliveries to a large number of locations.
With access to all aviation fuel - Pick Fuel blends, a worldwide network of direct suppliers and distributors, Pick Fuel can offer those needing to buy fuel a dependable and available network of suppliers.

With a minimum purchase of 10,000 barrels of fuel, it is possible to supply any needed amount of fuel, as and where it is needed by the client.
Furthermore, by working with a large number of direct fuel suppliers, Pick Fuel minimizes the risk that a political disturbance or natural disaster will influence fuel availability and price.
The modern aviation market requires reliable access to reasonably priced supplies of fuel. By creating a worldwide and tightly networked group of direct suppliers and wholesalers, Pick Fuel ensures that its clients can take advantage of stable long and short-term fuel prices. In this way, companies that work with Pick Fuel can be assured of a reliable fuel supply, no matter the condition of the markets. Choose us as your partner and you have a strong and positive ally in your quest to operate profitably and successfully.

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What we do

We bring secure, safe and affordable fuels, lubricants and other oil products to millions of business and retail customers every day.



We supply petroleum products to independent distributors, who sell on to retailers and customers.
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Our traders and supply professionals ensure that we acquire the oil products we need today and for the future efficiently and at the best price.
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The storage tanks at an oil refinery complex The storage tanks at an oil refinery We strive to provide high quality fuel storage at strategic locations and at competitive prices to support your business today and in the future.
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Services We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed – reliably, efficiently and responsibly.

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